Are you being honest with yourself?

Hi Radiant Friend!
Are you being honest with yourself?
Yesterday I was really in a dark funk! Somebody I knew passed away 1 ½ years ago tragically and I didn’t even know about it. All I can say is that I started to cry and sob. This woman touched so many lives!
The rest of the day I was sad, paralyzed, and scared!
Why? Because I knew this person, danced with her, and felt like the reason I didn’t know was that I was disconnected from my community.
And, disconnection is selfish!
So I started to reflect last night and today if I was being honest with myself about my connection with others and how I show up.
Needless to say, yesterday was a very painful wake-up call! The day was an inventory of all the promises and commitments I had broken with myself. And, what level of game I’m willing to play the rest of my days in human form.
You see, when we are not keeping our word with ourselves our connection with others suffers. It’s almost like we feel so much shame, guilt, and fear that we hide and isolate. Which leads to loneliness as that insidious little voice in our heads gets louder and louder.
Honesty with ourselves leads to courage and calling ourselves out. Which then leads to connection, intimacy, and compassion with ourselves and others.
It’s called welcome to humanity and the perfection of imperfection!
Part of being human is restoring our integrity over and over and over again. But without restoring our integrity with ourselves we become numb to the wonderful human experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly!
To fully embrace life and relationships we must stay connected and in communication.
Truly, that is one of the keys to deep lasting Love and intimacy, “into-me-see.” When we allow people into our world, it makes it safe for them to welcome us into theirs.
Modeling is the quickest way to transform any relationship.
People crave to see, feel, and experience other people’s humanness regardless of what they might say.
Sharing is the surest way to release shame, fear, guilt, and loneliness!
Another lesson in why doing it by ourselves does not work!


If you are committed to:


Release shame, fear, guilt, and loneliness and/or


Increase confidence and self esteem and/or


Learn how to stay connected, and/or


Communicate authentically and successfully in any circumstance, and/or


Model integrity and honesty to attract the same,


Then BE on the teleseminar call promptly Monday September 14th at 8pm EDT!
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Don’t you want to bring that special someone into your life that exhibits honesty, integrity, and communicates successfully with authenticity and humility (true self confidence!)?
Remember like attracts like!


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Monday September 14th at 8pm EDT


Talk with you Monday or sooner!


Light, Love, & Gratitude,
Dr. Rusty
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