Do you think there are quick fixes or shortcuts in Love relationships?

Do you think there are quick fixes or shortcuts in Love relationships?

This is the biggest trap for people wanting to be in relationship.

When I was younger I used to go out with anybody I was attracted to. And was always looking for shortcuts and quick fixes all of which kept me squandering away years of my life leaving me cynical, sad, depressed, and feeling like damaged goods!

It was not until I joined a relationship coaching group in 1999 that I transformed my mindset around relationships.

The truth is I had to do a lot of hard work on myself with self Love, self expression, communication, and AVOIDING all the quick fixes and shortcuts that other books and teachers were suggesting! When my clients finally get this (it takes about a year before this really sinks in) they are freed up to attract and create the relationship(s) of their dreams!

As a result, I have been in relationships the last 15 years that have each been amazing in their own way and spectacular growth experiences for me. And, I am still friends with all of them.

Are you looking for a shortcut or quick fix?

Are you willing to commit and immerse yourself into being coached for at least one year to really transform your patterns and Love life for good?

Or, do you want to continue to be in unfulfilling, passionless, settling, dead end relationships where you don’t get your needs met with incompatible partners?

Everything starts with a commitment to yourself, getting coached, and sticking with doing new and different things over and over again to produce DIFFERENT RESULTS!

If you quit, that’s a red flag that you want a quick fix or shortcut. And, like last week’s newsletter, it sends a message to the universe that you are DESPERATE!

Take action out of inspiration and Love will find its way to YOU!

Talk with you soon……

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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