If you want no regrets….The only time you have to extend Love is NOW!

If you want no regrets….The only time you have to extend Love is NOW!

The Illusion is there is always tomorrow……..

I have been largely unavailable the last 10 days as I have been taking care of my 88 yo. sick Mom with dementia, fear, anxiety, panic, depression, and psychosis. Needless to say I am emotionally spent, mentally spent, sleep deprived, and have gotten sick myself in the process.

With my Mom’s repetitive noises (dementia) over and over again I have not been able to concentrate and at times have felt like I am going to explode or go crazy!

And, I am not my thoughts and feelings. Thank you Creator!

So amid all the chaos and stress the last 10 days I chose to continue to extend Love to my Mom, because there is only NOW! She could be gone tomorrow……..

Tomorrow is an illusion…….And, she brought me into this world. Without her I would not be here!

So I am paying it backward and forward. Backward for all she did to raise me and Love me, and, forward because everybody wants, needs, and deserves Love. EVERYBODY!!!

In fact we all are LOVE!!!

All other circumstances are trivial compared to the difference we make when we extend Love!

Are you waiting until the “right” time to let someone know how much you Love them or mean to them?

How many times have you said maybe I’ll tell them tomorrow?

Do you want to have regrets for what was left unsaid after it’s too late?

What have you been withholding?

I Love and appreciate all of you!

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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