Miracles are present all around you! Isn’t that exciting!

Miracles are present all around you! Isn’t that exciting!

How do I know? Because I have been hiding out the last couple of weeks since my solar return March 5th witnessing major breakdowns in my life on a daily basis!

Until, March 16th when I became present to the possibility of miracles showing up in my life with the same frequency as the breakdowns.

And guess what? It works!!!

So I’m back and wanting to share the magic of miracles and how you can have miracles show up for you, especially in relationships.

It’s all about you being present and not allowing your past “knowing” or “certainty” to muddle or tarnish your space of being and new possibility.

Miracles show up when you are able take new action amid you thinking you know how it will turn out. This requires you to have thoughts and emotions, but not BE your thoughts and emotions, since thoughts and emotions are coming from your past.

That is essentially why you keep attracting the same patterns over and over again in life and relationships. You must be uncomfortable and come from a blank slate to create something new and bring magic into your life.

Who wants to create a space where miracles occur regularly?

What tools can you use to help you be present?

What’s holding you back from magic and miracles?

Leave a comment and share your answers or ask any questions you may have with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

P.S. Happy Spring!

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