Are you lonely?

Are you lonely?

I sure was!

Here’s a simple mind set shift that will speed up the attraction process: Act out of inspiration vs. desperation!

James Arthur Ray taught me that a number of years ago and boy is he spot on!

Back in 2009 I was convinced that living in Philadelphia was the cause of my problems especially when it came to living an alternative relationship lifestyle.

So I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010……out of desperation and loneliness……only to find out that wherever you go there you are (Ram Dass)!

Needless to say Portland, OR was a huge and expensive (100k) lesson in humility. I was back in Philadelphia 2 ½ months later severely depressed and heartbroken with my tail between my legs!

If you are lonely you can only operate from desperation since loneliness is a dysfunctional emotion like fear, shame, and guilt! There is a major distinction between being lonely and being alone. Being alone is healthy at times, loneliness is not!

And, if you are attracting someone out of lack (desperation and loneliness), then that is what you will attract back to you (yucky, been there, done that)!

When you act out of inspiration the universe supports you and rewards you with other like minded human beings and lovers!

Like attracts like! You may think you are tricking others or, even yourself…….but it’s impossible to trick or alter the laws of the universe!

Inspiration is exciting, heart opening, pulse pounding, moving, and being on purpose and in the glory of who you are!

Loneliness cannot exist in that state of being! And neither can lack or desperation!

What inspires you?

What makes your soul sing?

Who do you have to be to attract the most fulfilling relationship(s)?


I urge you to hit reply and let me know how I can help you answer these questions and have 2015 be your most inspirational year ever!

This is the quickest way to relationship transformation!

I look forward to your responses!

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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What type of Love relationship do you want in 2015?

It’s a rainy dark Sunday afternoon in Abington, PA just north of Philadelphia. I am getting ready to go to the gym and am on my 18th day of juicing with no food or alcohol. Woo Hoo! I’m feeling a rambunctious 13 lbs. lighter!

I know the type of unconventional relationship I want to attract and being in shape is a must with my active lifestyle and kinky sexual appetite! I am grateful for unbridled self expression and living my truth since I came out in 2009 as pansexual, polyamorous, and into BDSM. I’m free!

What type of Love relationship do you want in 2015?

Are you fully self expressed in your relationship requirements and sexual desires?

DO NOT hold back or compromise who and what you want with Love relationships!

I know many people who continue to settle and/or get caught up in the chemicals of love and sex early on. Unfortunately, most of them jump in too fast or compromise what’s important to them to be in relationship. The end result, sadly, another empty dream.

So clarity, discipline, self expression, and patience are paramount!

Follow this simple formula to determine what type of Love relationship you want in 2015 :

  1. Get clear and write down your vision of your life and ideal relationship.
  2. Spend time reflecting and writing down your non-negotiable requirements (deal breakers).
  3. Be fully self expressed about who you are and what you want, even if you are curious about some things!
  4. Be disciplined and stay in integrity with your word to yourself about what’s important to you!
  5. Be patient. Don’t rush into sex and the chemical fog! Spectacular relationships take time with exploring who somebody REALLY is.

Do you want to attract a stellar relationship that complements your vision, lifestyle, compatibility, physical attraction, and sexual libido?

What are you waiting for?

Do you want another empty dream like many people?

I urge you to act at once!

Isn’t it time you did something different and to get the results you SAY you want with Love & Sex??

Talk with you this week!

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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Are you taking things personally?

Are you taking things personally?

Here’s the deal.

If you are takings things personally then you are not being self love!

This is a simple concept but not easy to be 24/7. Take it from me I have gone through periods (and still do) when I am too sensitive. During those periods, my life does not work as I contract and become small.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients that took things personally. In almost every case they lacked self Love, self confidence, self worth, and self esteem (like me above). They all go together. They also prevent us from attracting who and what we want in our lives.


Because those are the very things that keep us stuck in not taking action, taking risk, interrupting our patterns, and TRUSTING ourselves!

If you do not trust others, You Do Not Trust Yourself!

There are NO exceptions!

In order to BE Love with yourself, trust yourself, take new action and risk, and interrupt your patterns that do not serveyou, you MUST enjoy being with yourself and take time being still to quiet the monkey mind!

There are many ways to do this. The most effective ways are spending quiet still time with yourself in meditation, breathwork, yoga, nature, etc.

Are you taking things personally?

Do you trust yourself and others?

Are you taking new action and risk to attract who and what you want through creating new patterns?

Do you want an amazing stillness tool to quiet the mind and strengthen your relationship with yourself and attract an extraordinary relationship?
Talk with you soon!

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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Who wants to know how to have a Ravishing Sex and Love Life?

Who wants to know how to have a Ravishing Sex and Love Life?

I just got back from the gym. Feeling amazing! No food or beer for 12 days! I’m doing my own organic juicing for 25 days and already released 10 lbs. And you know from my last couple of emails that this has not been the case with me the last couple of years being challenged with depression, grieving, health issues, being overweight, and not feeling good about myself.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because in order to have an extraordinary Love and sex life you have to do something radically different, feel good about yourself, and be able to perform (LOL)!

Otherwise, who and what do you think you will attract?

Being comfortable being and doing the same old same old will not cut it!

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the sexiest one of all?

You better have said I am (you)!

Over the years the most common response clients have given me as to what is stopping them from having sizzling sex and deep lasting Love is they don’t feel good about themselves.

So here are some suggestions to take action with NOW if you want to have a ravishing sex and Love life?

  1. Change your patterns and BE and DO what & who you want to attract!
  2. Take action NOW and Stop procrastinating!
  3. Be courageous, take risks, and get used to being uncomfortable!
  4. Create a healthy lifestyle and Love and feel great about yourself!
  5. Spend time in stillness with yourself!
  6. Take 100% responsibility for what and who you are attracting!
  7. Practice being authentic and fully self expressed in relationships!
  8. Ask for what you want!
  9. Don’t take things personally!
  10. Monitor your thoughts and be resilient with a positive mindset!
  11. Ask open ended questions and LISTEN to others with no agenda!
  12. Be generous and grateful!
  13. Smile!
  14. Spend time LOVING yourself in front of the mirror!
  15. Be your word to yourself and others and live your life with impeccable integrity!
  16. Share yourself!
  17. Practice forgiveness and acceptance!
  18. TRUST yourself so you are capable of trusting others!
  19. Learn how to say no when that’s your truth, and practice being a powerful yes when you’re in fear!
  20. Play and have fun like an innocent child (dance like nobody’s watching)!
  21. Be accountable to someone who will kick your ass when you get off track and are out of integrity!

Now I realize that is a lot, and, there is always more.

However, I guarantee if you are living life through those 21 suggestions you not only will feel good about and have a Love affair with yourself, but you will also attract a ravishing sex and Love partner(s) sooner than you could have ever imagined!

Which ones are you challenged with?

Which ones interest you or are curious about?

Which ones would you like me to be more specific about?

Where are you stuck?


I’m interested in what you want and need to make 2015 the year you fall in deep lasting Love with ravishing sex!

Light & Love,
Dr. Rusty

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Edgy Love Secrets

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Are you looking for Love in the best places?

Are you looking for Love in the best places?

This is a loaded question. So let’s break it down into 2 parts, venues and experiencing consistent Love inside your own self first.

It’s been cold and snowy today and I still got my ass to the gym, stuck with my juicing regimen, cut out my extracurricular unhealthy pity party habits, stopping being a workaholic, and putting others before me!

No more excuses! I come first! Ever since my breakup with my last girlfriend I have neglected to put myself first and take responsibility for my health and fitness. The result….overweight, not able to do the things I Love, and major health issues with my digestion and autoimmune functioning. I’m embarrassed to admit that this has been going on for wayyyyy too long! Over 2 years with a month of self care in-between.

And here’s the fucked up part; I used to be health and fitness fanatic and with what I would put in my body and working out.

Without self-love and care there was no way I was going to attract a primary relationship that fires me up. I was just going to keep attracting who is mirroring me. Yuck!

I am happy to say my health is bouncing back and Love is heading my way!

So self-Love and the physical are the first things to embody if you want somebody who takes care of themselves and somebody who is capable of Loving you. In Christianity the body is referred to as the Temple, and in Buddhism, the Precious. Hello!!! (LOL to myself! Duh!)

The other part that’s important is showing up in the right venues. There are a, b, and c venues. The “a” venues are the best and where you participate in things you Love and makes your heart sing. For me an “a” venue would be a sweat lodge, Kirtan, ecstatic and improvisational dance, drumming circles, etc. The “b” venues are more neutral or “in-between places” that are not as good as an “a” but better than a “c” venue. Some of my “b” venues might be a Starbucks, Whole Foods, Fetlife munchies, etc. “C” venues are like are looking for a needle in a haystack! A “c” venue for me would be a bar/club, traditional online dating sites, etc.

You must spend the majority of your energy in “a” venues. Everybody’s venues are different depending on the places and activities you Love.

So, in summary Love is an inside job. Be Love. People will treat you like you treat yourself. And spend the majority of your time in “a” venues. “C” venues are places where people are more likely to be unhealthy, desperate, and inauthentic.

Where are you looking for Love, inside or outside yourself?

Are you placing yourself in venues where people are in alignment with what you Love or in places where people are more likely to be desperate and non-compatible?

This takes practice, discipline, commitment, consistent action, and a strategy folks! And, somebody to hold you accountable to stay on track. We are creatures of habit. Reprogramming and getting new results does not happen overnight!

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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Why would you postpone attracting a ravishing relationship(s)?

Happy New Year………!

Why would you postpone attracting a ravishing relationship(s)?

As I sit here sipping my watercress, cucumber, and lemon juice, I realized that over the last year I have been postponing taking committed action with myself to make myself ready and available for juicy relationships.

I have a laundry list of whys but none of them matter. My lists are just made up stories of how I have been a victim!


I am taking action in a way I have not in years to light my life and relationships on fire!

And I’m scared shitless!

Look, you’re either available or unavailable. Ready or not ready. And, if you’re in any of those categories, my question to you is what’s in your way in taking DIFFERENT action to get DIFFERENT results?

If you do then it will require digging deeper. Looking at your intimacy issues, your past patterns, and who and what you have been attracting in all areas of your life.

And, if you think it is others, you’re fucked like I have been the last year! (LOL, not fucked in a pleasurable Loving way.)


Do you want a ravishing relationship?


Do you want trusting relationship(s)?


Are you committed to being in an exceptionally compatible relationship?

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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Seriously, are you trying to do it all by yourself?

Seriously, are you trying to do it all by yourself?

If you are good luck! And since there is no such thing as luck, because we set ourselves up for good fortune or problematic circumstances, you’re screwed!

I had to learn this the hard way being the lone ranger, being overwhelmed, never having the time or money, blah, blah, blah, blah! The result was burnout, not manifesting my dreams, and currently I’m challenged with an autoimmune disease. So now I’m FINALLY garnering help and support from multiple people and healing sources.

So guess what? One of my clients decided to apply prayer and gratitude into his daily routine. I saw him this morning and his whole life is transforming and going viral with the people around him! He is turning his “problems” over to his higher power (God for him), and concentrating on the reasons to take action while asking for help and support.

What you must get here if you want to have a rocking relationship(s), is that you cannot EFFECTIVELY do it on your own!

You will be; blindsided by your blind spots, forcing an outcome, unable to critique what is working and not working objectively and you will stay stuck in your ego.

Prayer, meditation, and breathwork are 3 prerequisites, to name a few, for letting go and soliciting the higher powers of the universe to help you out. Then watch as magic and miracles begin to happen daily.

You must still make quick decisions and take action and responsibility for your choices. But, turning it over and surrendering primes the pump for whatever action you do take.


Are you ready and willing to let go and ask for help?


Are you willing to choose a daily practice of stillness with your higher power?


Are you committed to transforming your life and Love relationship(s) NOW?

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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Do you want to attract Love?

Do you want to attract Love?

As I’m getting ready to travel to Virginia to spend the holidays with my family I was reflecting on the power of generosity and gratitude.

When I get stuck in limitation and lack and get all caught up in my shit, sometimes I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But if I can remember to be grateful for what I have in my life with all my friends, family, and others my mindset shifts and the fog begins to lift.

Generosity is the soulmate of gratitude. As I express and extend my generosity, acceptance, and Love for others the energy comes back a hundred fold!

Remember, gratitude is for you and sends a message to the universe to send you abundance because you are grateful for what is now! There is a lot of self-Love in gratitude.

Generosity demonstrates to others that you are loving, expansive, and bring good tidings and joy!

The two combined are powerful ways of being that attract Love and Abundance into your life!


Do you want to attract Love?


Are you ready to attract Abundance?


Then BE grateful for all the blessings you have and BE generous with everybody you touch in your life!

And please remember to Be grateful for you and Be generous with yourself!

Attracting Love becomes effortless when combining these two universal divine principles!

I am grateful you are in my life!Light, Love, & Peace be with you,

Dr. Rusty

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Are you practicing forgiveness?

Are you practicing forgiveness?

Before I was a student and study group facilitator of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) I was clueless as to what forgiveness is. In fact I held sooooo many grudges with people in my life that my anger and blame were out of control and being projected all over the place like slime!

And here’s the fucked up part……..I was doing all this to MYSELF! I was eating poison expecting other people to die??? How’d that work for you Dr. Rusty? Not well at all! Obviously this is not something I am proud of. Good thing forgiveness is my salvation!

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.” — ACIM Workbook, Lesson 62.

Now I realize that forgiveness is the path to peace and LOVE for ME and ALL my brothers and sisters in the world!

Who wants peace?

Who wants Love?

Anytime you feel or think you want to condemn or blame somebody, (oh, this includes YOU too), for something they or you did say this to yourself: I forgive myself and others for the illusion that they or I have done anything to me or them. I am responsible for all my creations!

This will start to free you up from constriction, fear, and condemnation while expanding and shining your light and Love everywhere and on everybody!

Your relationships will transform before your eyes and the beauty of yourself and others will become breathtaking!

Ahhhh, what a wonderful way to be. We are all one. My salvation depends on everyone else’s salvation!

IMAGINE what the world and relationships would be like if we all practiced this simple and transformative forgiveness.May peace and Love be with you this holiday season and through eternity!

Peace, Light, & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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