WOW! Edgy Love Secrets Revealed Video Summit, 25 Experts, FREE!

Hi Friends!

Really dude! Another summit… how many of these do you want me to watch and listen to?

I have a couple answers for this question?

1) Yes, this is the season for Love and sizzling sex and it seems more and more people are crying out for guidance on how to attract it, keep it, and flourish in their relationships;


2) I want you to listen to as many of these totally free summits as it takes to get you out of whatever pain and disappointment you may have about past or present relationships…

…and to experience Deep Lasting Love inspired by unconventional, authentic, fulfilling, trusting relationships with ravishing sex through unbridled self expression that brings more joy and passion into your life with all those you connect with than ever before.

This means when a chance to participate and tell you about an amazing group of authors, teachers, and inspirational transformation experts comes around—I am going to tell you…

…. and with the enthusiasm of somebody winning the lottery!

I want you to be excited and orgasmic too.

How could you not be excited, curious, and inspired by this extraordinary lineup of experts: Allana Pratt, Larry Michel, Carol Allen, Kimberly Seltzer, Eva Clay, Dana Garrison, Kathryn Alice, Mali Apple & Joe Dunn, Reid Mihalko & Monique Darling, Lawrence Lanoff, Laurie Handlers, Mia Saenz, Scott Catamas & Emily Orum, Shasta Townsend, Edie Weinstein, Asttarte Deva Shatki Bliss, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zentar, Kinky Cassie Fuller, Mare Simone, and Julio Cortes!

How extraordinary would it be to attract and keep partner(s) and/or playmates with deep lasting Love and beyond imaginable ravishing sex?


But instead of this spectacular loving experience, perhaps this is or has been you….

…or maybe this is someone you know and care about…

This person is lonely, depressed, cynical, disappointed, hurt, intimidated, desperate, apathetic, and resigned when it comes to attracting the partner(s) of their dreams.

Love and trust is lost with no light at the end of the tunnel.

We are screaming at the top of our lungs…. DO NOT SETTLE OR GIVE UP!!! You deserve to share yourself with someone exquisitely special!

There is a recipe for attracting fulfilling and trusting relationships into your life.

You can and will create deep lasting Love, joy, and acceptance with a breathtaking companion and/or playmates of your fantasies.

You can have heart connected, powerful, and scrumptious edgy spiritual sex with each other!

The amazing line-up in the Edgy Love Secrets Revealed Summit are sharing their Edgy Love Secrets to help people across the world bring true Love, sex, compatibility, and fulfillment into their lives.
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I will be interviewed along with 24 other experts on this upcoming video summit, Edgy Love Secrets Revealed: Discover How to Create Unconventional, Authentic, Fulfilling, Trusting Relationships with Ravishing Sex through Unbridled Self Expression!

I am blessed to be among many of the top experts on: attracting your dream partner(s), relationship communication, connected edgy sex, tantra, and alternative diverse relationships.

I am excited about this summit because it’s a very special line-up of experts that do not come together often.

This is ALSO NOT your typical Summit. The content is edgy. It will challenge how you to look at a number of things differently than you might do now. Some you will love. Some you might question. Some of the content might seriously push your boundaries.

You will absolutely hear and learn new things, and that is worth the price of admission—which is only your time and your willingness to learn and grow and discover ways to bring more joy and excitement into your life, and keep it there. The dollar cost is zero.

This invigorating, diverse and unique summit will give you the keys to take action and attract and keep the partner(s) of your dreams!

WOW, is that evocative or what?
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Many people have a story about why love and sex doesn’t work in their lives. The fabulous news is this summit is about being empowered to write your own love story with your ideal companion(s). All 25 speakers have been handpicked as the top experts by Dr. Rusty so that you can have the love(s) of your life!

Jump in NOW! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain! You deserve the best!
————> Register now for Edgy Love Secrets Revealed Video Summit at

I’m inviting you as my guest to experience this juicy summit for yourself and attract authentic Love and partnership.

Isn’t it time to wake up in the morning, glance over at the most amazing person you have ever experienced and gush with Love and appreciation….

…Only to discover in that same moment they are looking at you and feeling exactly the same way! BREATHE!

Click here to register for and bid a final farewell to living without a special companion, best friend, and scorching lover(s)!

Gratitude, Love, and Light,

Dr. Rusty’s Love Shack

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