Are you aware of what works and what doesn’t work?

Are you aware of what works and what doesn’t work?

I have quite a few people in my life that are not aware of what does not work when it comes to relationships in their life. These are people I know, not clients.

As a result they continue to attract the same energy in relationships because of their blind spots. Essentially they keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result.

I ask them if they’re open to feedback and they say yes, and, they chose to continue doing it their way.


Because they think they can do it themselves without help or accountability. It’s so painful to watch!

I have had therapists, coaches, men’s groups, personal growth groups, and human potential seminars in my life since 1989. There is NO WAY I would be where I am today without that third party perspective who has no emotional attachment to me!!!

As a result of seeking help I went back to school, changed careers, got into healthier relationships, came out of the closet with my sexuality, learned how to communicate effectively, and started my own successful business.

I didn’t do any of that by myself!

Being the lone ranger makes transformation impossible!


Because we can’t see our own blind spots, it’s impossible! That’s why they are called blind spots!

There’s no transformation in introspection or information. Don’t get me wrong they are useful, just not transformative.

Transformation happens with a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a group, etc. because they see what we can’t!

And, if you want something that you have been challenged attracting for years, like a sizzling long lasting Love relationship, you MUST uncover your blind spots because those are the unconscious and persistent energetic barriers that have you stuck!

And you can’t do it yourself or you would have already done it!

Is this making sense?

Are you sick and tired of getting the same relationship results in your life?
Do you want a breakthrough in communication, Love, sex, and partnership?

Are you ready to be held accountable for what you say you want and take 100% responsibility?
Share your answers and I will show you how!

I can help! That is what I do!

I can’t wait to hear from you……..

Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

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